Top 10 Easiest Video Games of All Time has cranked out a list of what they feel are the easiest video games of all time, with Bethesda’s Morrowind and Lionhead’s Fable both securing top spots.

Fable, for the acclaimed Xbox, proved to be one of the more interesting ideas in the new video game medium. It’s challenge level was not up to snuff to compete with the strong idea developed throughout the game. There’s probably no other game where its easier to level up in than Fable. On top of this, you can save right before every big battle. This made fighting bosses a cakewalk because of how the quickness in which they could be mastered. The bosses themselves can be beaten on first try most of the time, so the saving right before is superfluous. The resource of money needed throughout the game was as easy to obtain as the rolling ball in the beginning of Metroid. Fable was a great idea, but without a doubt needed to be more difficult.

Considering the fact that you can save at any time and absolutely can’t die in Fable II (it’s impossible), it should probably rank even higher than the first one. Maybe the article’s author hasn’t played the sequel yet?

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