Too Human Reviews

Silicon Knights’ recently released Too Human has been handed two more fairly mediocre review scores. The first is from Deeko, where they give the game a score of 6/10:

With Silicon Knights plan for Too Human being a complete trilogy on the 360, a lot is riding on the sucess of it’s initial outing. Too Human is and will be for some time one of the most hotly debated games of this generation. Filled with what if’s and debates of what it what could have been; but in the end it will be the consumer and Microsoft who decide Too Human’s future. Too Human today is not a horrible game, hell as I said it’s downright enjoyable at times despite so many problems. It’s a game you want to root for only because you can sense all the greatness it has in it, but ultimately fails to deliver it.

While the other is from Game Boyz, where they score it a 7.3/10:

Overall, the first installment of the Too Human trilogy provided an intriguing story line, a relatively enjoyable new combat system and a few hours of enjoyment. That being said, some camera issues, minor control quirks and the length of the single player campaign do affect the overall experience. If asked to recommend the game as a solid buy or a rental it would really depend on the gamer themselves. For most casual players I would steer them towards their local video store, but for fans of this genre I would most likely tell them to pick up and buy this game.

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