Too Human Reviews

A small pile of somewhat favorable reviews for Silicon Knights’ Too Human kick off the new week. Let’s start with XboxAddict, where they gave the game a score of 8.4/10:

Again, overall the game is very well done and should be played by anyone that like a good action game or even an RPG. If you liked Oblivion than you should give this game a try for sure. Odds are that you won’t be disappointed. Online co-op would probably have been better if they would have allowed up to 5 people as then you would have been able to form a group using each character class. As it stands, there isn’t much value to the different classes as is other than giving you a little replay value in the single player.

Then GameZone, where they gave it a 6.3/10:

Too Human is another game that falls in the (could have been much more) category. Even though this game has been in development for many years, there are just too many design flaws that keep it from becoming a (must have) game. Hopefully the next game in the series will fix many of these flaws and become the game we all hoped it would be.

Followed by ZTGameDomain with a 8.0/10:

In the end, despite its flaws, I’m having a blast with Too Human. The looting and leveling is incredibly addictive, and if you let yourself dig a little bit you’ll find a surprising amount of depth in the combat system. However I can’t help but feel like the game isn’t living up to it’s full potential. Hopefully with a couple more layers of polish, and a few additions, the sequel can achieve the level of greatness that the series should be capable of. The story is primed to explode in the next game, and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds. Until then, I’ll be combing the frozen wastelands for the last couple pieces of my epic armor set.

And, finally, GameShark with a “C-“:

Yes the loot can be cool, and cleverly named, and assigning skill points helps you to develop new abilities but because the enemies get more powerful with you, the very last battle you fight feels exactly like the first. If this doesn’t bother you, you can jump right into a new campaign with your current character upon finishing, so that you can bring Baldur up to the level 50 cap. You’ll get about half way there on your first trip through, an effort that will take 10 – 15 hours, depending on how much time you choose to spend in the menus. However you choose to play, by yourself with the full, messy story unfolding in front of you, or with a friend, bereft of a narrative but beset by twice as many enemies and twice as much potential loot, Too Human provides and uneven and ultimately unsatisfying experience. If to err is human, than the game’s title is unfortunately, particularly apt.

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