Too Human Review

Another fairly unimpressed look at Silicon Knights’ Too Human comes from Armchair Empire, where they’ve given the action RPG a 7.0/10.

In what seems to be a clear nod to the more casual crowd of gamers, Too Human won’t let you die. Whenever Baldur’s hit points fall to zero a Valkyrie descends from above, pick-ups Baldur, ascends then Baldur rematerializes a little ways from where he dropped. The only real penalty is that the equipped weapons and armor take damage, making them less effective until Baldur can get back to the hub world and have the items repaired. The other penalty is that you can’t skip the death/resurrection sequence. It’s not a long wait – clocking in around 12 seconds – but it feels a lot longer because when the action is at a high tempo, especially during co-op mode over Live, sitting through a slow animation for the 100th time (Achievement Unlocked!) the experience turns to frustration.

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