Too Human Goes Gold

Microsoft and Silicon Knights issued a press release earlier today announcing that their Xbox 360 action RPG Too Human has officially gone gold and will begin shipping on August 19th.

Microsoft Game Studios and Silicon Knights announced today that the blockbuster action RPG (Too Human) has gone gold and will be shipping to retailers throughout North America on August 19. In anticipation of the title’s release, gamers can jump into the first level of (Too Human) with a demo now available on Xbox LIVE. The Too Human demo has already been downloaded more than any other action demo on Xbox LIVE Marketplace in its first week of availability and has been one of the top played titles on Xbox LIVE overall. In addition, gamers that pre-order will get access to five exclusive armor sets, one for each class in the game.
A modern take on classical Norse mythology, the Xbox 360 exclusive (Too Human) chronicles the epic story of cybernetic god, Baldur, and his quest to save humanity at the potential price of sacrificing his own humanity. By combining elements of both action and RPG genres along with the ability to fully customize Baldur’s weaponry, armor, and combat techniques Too Human creates a truly unique gameplay experience. Players can also invite a friend to join the explosive combat via advanced, online two-player co-op gameplay on Xbox LIVE *.

(Too Human) will have an estimated retail price of $59.99 and is rated (T) for Teen. For more information, visit

*Online co-op play requires Xbox LIVE Gold Membership.

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