Titan Quest E3 Preview

GameSpot has released a preview of THQ and Iron Lore’s Titan Quest, after spending some time with the RPG at this year’s E3. A snippet, as usual:

The graphics engine will also play a big role in presenting a seamless and believable world, even though it’s also one populated by mythic and supernatural creatures, such as satyrs and cyclopes. As we watched, the main character traversed a small Greek village, humming with activity. When he exited the village, he entered a lush countryside with fields of swaying grass, as well as cliffs that let you see farmers below working the fields. This is when the fun started, as tiny satyr raiders attacked the hero, who was bedecked like a Greek hero out of the movie Troy. After the hero churned his way through a couple dozen satyrs, he came upon an encampment of them. Before he could take them out, a huge cyclops bulldozed his way into the camp and roared, sending the satyrs fleeing. The hero then invoked some kind of magical power and expanded to giant size so he could battle the fierce opponent.

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