Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition Reviews

It’s been a long time since we’ve published a list of Titan Quest or Titan Quest: Immortal Throne reviews from around the ‘net, but now that Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition is officially upon us, we’re going to break that silence today.

Daily Joystick Podcast gives it a 7.5/10:

I’m happy to see this released and I’m also happy to see it play much as I remember it. My characters are still here from the last time I played this, with their levels and rare equipment. While this is a loot fest at heart, it’s a damned fun one. The setting set this apart, the Ancient Greek, Egypt world you explore is bright and vibrant. As you progress into Hades itself, the world is very much one of mythology. Centaurs, naiads, satyrs and more are your foes and are difficult ones.

Review Companion doesn’t score it:

Titan Quest celebrates its ten year anniversary with a special edition of the game that adds countless changes, rebalances and improvements. I highly recommend both veteran players and new players to check out the game. If you’re returning, it’s definitely worth another play through just to see all the improvements made to the game, almost making it a completely new experience. If you’re new to the game, Titan Quest is actually not too difficult at all mechanics wise, it is something you can easily pick up and play solo, with some friends, or if you want to hop into a random game on multiplayer. Not to mention that with Steam Workshop you can find additional content for your game like custom maps and gameplay changes if you’re looking to spice things up. One of the greatest features of this game has to be the skill system, being able to mix and match all the different masteries, skills and abilities, along with unique weapons and armor leaves plenty of replayability for the player to experiment and try different masteries and skills.

The Nerd Mentality doesn’t score it, either:

All of these changes come together on an already excellent canvas to create an experience that is significantly better than the previous offering. Coupled with other quality of life changes like the server browser and Steam achievements, Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is well worth another look by both veterans and new players alike. There is more good news as well. If you already owned Titan Quest, THQ Nordic has seen fit to gift you Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, which also includes the Immortal Throne expansion content as well. Beyond that, it looks as though there may be new content on the horizon, if the “unlock content” button in the updated menu system is any indication.

Grab the Games gives it a 10/10:

The changes are so many and they are based on the fans thoughts through the years. It has now a full steam support with achievements, trading cards, it supports modding, the AI is better now and there are also new bosses and things to do in the game. I could really talk for hours about the changes…even the multiplayer is way better than I remembered it. As far as the negative aspects are concerned you simply can’t find in a title that classic.

And then Scent of a Gamer goes scoreless:

This is not just a re-presentation of an old game; items, character skills and more have been rebalanced and existing game bugs have been fixed. There has never been a better time to complete heroic deeds in ancient times.

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