Tim Cain Interview

Edge Online interviews Fallout/Troika game veteran Tim Cain about his past, present, and future.

Carbine’s owner NCSoft also has a partnership with Sony. Would you consider an MMO on PS3? Would you work on a console?

JG: A lot of the things we really like to embrace with our MMOs make a lot of sense for consoles. The UI, gameplay that can last for hours at a time or a couple minutes at a time. We haven’t announced anything about what we’re going to do with the console one way or the other yet.

Tim, you have a knack for mature-themed games. Is that your current direction right now with this Carbine game?

TC: We’ve had a lot of discussion about that because some people like dark games and I assured them that I can go as dark as they want it. But to be honest, this game is going to be a lot more I won’t say not kid-oriented but it’s probably more of a teen-rated game. There will be violence, there will be a dark side to the game, but I don’t think it’s going to be nearly as in the forefront as many of my past games, but it will be there.

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