The Witcher Q&A

Gamecloud has conducted an interview with CD Projekt’s Piotr Panasewicz, in which the developer discusses their Aurora-powered RPG, The Witcher. A snip:

Q: How would you describe The Witcher’s gameplay? Is an action-RPG or a straight role-playing game?

A: We describe it as RPG Redefined. Which basically means, we want The Witcher to become a new quality in RPG gaming, an amalgam between visually stunning, fast-paced action and immensely deep and intriguing storyline, like that of Baldur’s Gate. Another element bringing about the enrichment of the game’s world and realism of the gameplay might be the inventory system the player won’t be able to carry 4 full plates, 5 swords and. say. 200 potions. Another fact worth remembering is that we’re making a game suited for mature players. That is why, next to its depth, one should expect a high degree of the plot’s credibility. Which sums up in numerous morally ambivalent situations. We’re not avoiding the issues of violence, stimulants, dirty language or eroticism. Though not being exposed, these factors will surely exist in the game, being its inseparable element. We are in fact a little bit off the mainstream, which gives us the opportunity to look at our work from a relatively unbiased perspective and introducing a lot of freshness into the genre. Obviously, we are not questioning the achievements of industry, only trying to develop and enhance it, adding some ideas of ours.

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