The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Week, Day Three

For the third day of their The Witcher: Enhanced Edition week, CD Projekt has released some GC video coverage and choice media quotes, added another update to PanKarol’s blog, and highlighted the English and German version’s dialogue improvements.


Dialogue 1 (Conversation between Geralt and the Rich Merchant – Act3) –

– Why are you here?!
– None of your business!
– Do you know who I am?!
– I don’t. But I do know lots of ways to kill a man.

– Why are you here?!
– This is none of your business. Get lost.
– How dare you?! Do you know who I am?!
– I don’t, but I do know this cut that leaves the victim with one ear, one cheek and half a jaw. People survive it, but playing the flute is just one of the things they can’t do.

The old threat was just cliche. Though perhaps uncharacteristically verbose for Geralt, the initially intended threat is far more original. Call it a rare verbal flourish for our hero.

Dialogue 2 (Conversation between the Dwarf Smith and Geralt – Act1)

– Why do locals persecute nonhumans?
– Humans have always hated dwarves and elves.

– Why do the locals persecute nonhumans?
– Why do pricks go in cunts? It’s the natural order of things. Humans have always hated dwarves and elves. Not for me to know why.

In the world created by Andrzej Sapkowski dwarves curse like there’s no tomorrow. Much of their ‘˜strong’ language disappeared in the editing process. We decided to restore it.

Dialogue 3 (Conversation between Berengar and Geralt. – Act4)

– That so?
– I have the distinct feeling you’re not telling me everything…
– How perceptive. One more thing. Salamandra sent me to find Alvin. He’s important to them. I have no intention of following orders. After I earn some orens, I’ll leave for good…

– Yes?
– I have the distinct feeling you’re not telling me everything…
– How perceptive. There is one more thing. Salamandra wants Alvin. I don’t know why, but he’s important to them. They sent me here to find him, but I have no intention to. I just want to earn some orens and leave, for good.

There were several instances where recurring greetings were awkward because the lines themselves were treated only as if they followed from the initial conversations with characters in a given chapter. ‘˜That so?’ is one such instance. Berengar’s was also one of the voices we decided to replace in its entirety as the original voice seemed forced.

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