The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Upgrade Set Poll

CD Projekt has proposed an idea to offer an upgrade copy of The Witcher for those of us who own the original version and are looking for more than just a patch.

The launch of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition is coming in September, and part of that event is the release of the new retail version, with a ton of additional features and elements, that will take place of standard game version.

We remember the promise we made, so of course, anyone who has registered a copy of the game will be able to download a free update to turn the standard version of The Witcher into the Enhanced Edition. Because of the many technical improvements and additional content (audio files of all language versions, new adventures, D’jinni editor, etc.), we realize that this will likely be a rather large file to download. That’s why we’ve come up with the idea to meet our players’ needs halfway and prepare something special for people who don’t want to download it from the internet.

The idea is a sort of (Upgrade Version) that would allow them to enjoy all the wonders of the Enhanced Edition without buying another copy of the game.

When we make decisions, we always take into consideration the opinions of our fans, and that’s why we would like to ask you about one thing. Would you be interested in buying this set, if it were available in shops?

Content of the set :

– New game box
– Patch that turns standard ‘˜The Witcher’ into the Enhanced Edition
– Bonus DVD with new adventures and D’jinni editor
– Game manual
– Game guide
– Remastered ‘˜Making of The Witcher’ DVD with additional content
– ‘˜Inspired by The Witcher’ Music CD- Soundtrack CD
– Map of the world
– Andrzej Sapkowski’s short story

They’re encouraging everyone to vote on the idea, so head over and let your voice be heard.

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