The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Review

Gamers With Jobs reviews The Witcher: Enhanced Edition, and seems to like it with a few reservations.

Much ado was made with the enhanced edition including two additional adventures, but neither is persuasive enough on their own to warrant time and bandwidth. One is essentially a glorified fetch quest, the other a glorified series of dialogue trees. If they were somehow part of the original game, they might have held more significance. As they stand, they are merely entertaining diversions. They may serve more as decent background stories if you’re really invested in the world, but I found reading the books that the game is based on does a much better job on that front.

It should be made clear that despite the impressive amount of dedication presented in this package, a miracle did not occur. Recycled character models are still more common than is ideal, and Geralt’s beautiful long hair still likes to clip through nearly anything it comes in contact with. More importantly, it still carries a lot of idiosyncrasies that leaves much of the game design, from the character interactions to the interface, while revised in many different ways, wearing the game’s East European heritage on its sleeve. If you did not find the world inviting the first time around, where the language coming out of dwarves sometimes has more in common with Irvine Welsh then J.R.R. Tolkien, there is nothing in this two gigabyte patch that will change your mind. My second play through isn’t drastically changing my opinion as much as re-enforcing it. The Witcher was a great game before, and it’s still a great game now, the presentation has just been turned up a couple notches.

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