The Witcher: Enhanced Edition E3 Previews

A couple of new E3 previews for CD Projekt’s ambitious The Witcher: Enhanced Edition have made their way to the ‘net. A snip from GameSpot’s article:

Think of the enhanced version as a replacement for the original. For the exact same price, you’ll be treated to loads of new bonus features that we’ll detail in a moment, as well as five hours of additional gameplay. And for you angry Witcher fans that already purchased the game, fear not. All of the content from the enhanced edition will be available for download, for free. That’s right, free.

So what’s included? The original game, based on the creepy universe created by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski in his 1990 fantasy novel The Last Wish, of course. Because much of the voice-over work was a bit cheesy, CD Projekt re-recorded about 25 percent of the dialogue in the game. Sprechen sie Deutch? The German dialogue was completely scrapped and re-recorded. And if you really care about languages, there are about ten different language choices for both spoken dialogue and subtitles, great for those that want to listen in Italian and read in Chinese. CD Projekt says that The Witcher is best played in the original Polish.

And a snip from IGN’s article:

Aside from more load time improvements and other technical improvements, one of the best improved features will undoubtedly be the inventory system. Player inventory has been reconfigured to be split into two categories: alchemical items and everything else. There’s also now a button to auto sort your items by further category so that all like items (scrolls or potions or books) will move next to each other and any duplicate items will automatically stack. There will also be buttons that can be used in the alchemical items section that can be pushed to highlight substances with specific ingredients so that you don’t have to click through them all. This system should definitely make the stash inventory much more manageable. Combined with a small improvement to the alchemy system that will allow players to see which of the ingredients needed to create a specific potion isn’t in their inventory should make the extensive potion gameplay features much more fun to use.

Finally, players will also be able to simply pick up everything on a fallen body without having to open inventory screens by simply ctrl-clicking on dead bodies. Players that wish to pick up only certain items on a body or plant will still have the option to click and open up loot windows to choose only certain items.

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