The Witcher: Enhanced Edition E3 Preview

Yet another E3-based preview of CD Projekt’s The Witcher: Enhanced Edition is available, and this time it’s at UGO Games Blog.

NPC models that inhabit towns and even a number of the enemies are now much more varied than in the original release. Character models swap between a number of hairstyle and outfits, all to give the impression that we’re not seeing the same person over and over. None of it is groundbreaking, and you still plainly see where models get recycled, but any effort to jazz up redundancy has to be appreciated.

Aside from the lifeless story, the one other huge gripe about the game revolved around the shockingly poorly managed inventory system. Items and alchemical items all mixed together in one large inventory while duplicate items each took up their own slot instead of stacking. In the Enhanced Edition both types of items are now split apart, and the alchemical system lets players know exactly what types of items they need to combine to create new potions. Also, duplicates now stack to keep the inventory size to a minimum.

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