The Witcher E3 Preview

GameSpot has put together a one-page preview of The Witcher, based upon what they saw of the Aurora Engine powered RPG at this year’s E3. Check it out:

Though the game will have a number of story-driven vignettes, it will very much be an action-RPG that lets you develop your character’s skills and abilities over time. You’ll also be able to fight with one of three fighting styles, a defensive sword-and-shield style, an offense-oriented dual-swords style, and a balanced style that lets the Witcher use his magical “gestures” in battle. The game’s combat system will require decent reflexes, but will reward highly skillful play. You’ll go into battle with a queue of various actions, including different kinds of sword attacks and different magic spells, and as the Witcher is performing his combat animations, you must click your mouse at the exact moment his weapon or spell connects with the enemy. Perfectly timing your mouse click lets you move along your queued series of attacks. If you time each swing perfectly, your last attack will be a spectacular finishing blow that can obliterate many groups of enemies at once, and will provide you with a substantial bonus of experience points.

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