The Witcher Blog Update

The Witcher developer “PanKarol” talks about the recent announcement that the game has sold over a million copies in the latest update to his IGN blog.

One year has gone by since The Witcher was released! And because we believe any excuse is good enough for a party, we threw Geralt a bit of a birthday bash, which involved some serious dancing, feasting and drinking that in turn generated some seriously strange and embarrassing behaviour on account of the (potions) consumed. We recorded some video footage that we will publish one day, after we do some post-production work on it (i.e. after we switch into ESRB mode and remove a few scenes:))

What else? Well, we have some bragging to do. Namely, we’ve sold more than 1,000,000 copies of The Witcher! Yeah, we did it. It took us twelve months, so some might not think it a big deal, but it’s a great score for a debut and we’re just plain proud because it puts us up there with other big titles like Bioshock or Hellgate: London. We’ve put together a little movie to mark the occasion. Have a look.

Can anyone tell me what those brief glimpses of a first-person shooter are doing in that new trailer? Is CDP working on a FPS/RPG hybrid for 2009?

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