The Waylanders January 2022 Update

With Gato Studio looking to launch their time-travel RPG The Waylanders out of early access on February 2, 2022, we get this development update that lets us know what awaits the game post-launch. Basically, you can expect a price hike, some balance updates, and maybe a console release at some point in the future.

Here’s more on that:

Hi everyone!

Happy New Year! In under a month, you’ll be jumping into the full release of The Waylanders and we can’t wait to see how you like the continuation of the story.

Stepping forward a thousand years has absolutely changed the land and the people who inhabit it. Villages have become forts and castles, stone roads have replaced dirt trails, and creatures of magic have gone into hiding. Your companions will change too. Rediscover mortals reborn and seek out immortal friends who have traveled the thousand year road the hard way.

With advances in crafting, the medieval period holds a whole host of new weapons, armor, and other items to discover and outfit your party with. There’s a lot coming for you to discover!

Now, on to a few things ahead of launch.

All That Glitters is Morian Gold

At full release, The Waylanders will increase in price from $34.99 USD to $39.99 USD. This increase will vary from region to region and serves to reflect the extra content available.

To offset this increase for RPG fans who haven’t yet jumped in to The Waylanders (and don’t read our community posts) during Early Access, we plan to have the game discounted by 10% for 2 weeks after launch. Beyond that launch discount, you’ll see The Waylanders in future Steam sales.

We truly appreciate the support of everyone who played during Early Access, especially those who gave feedback or let us know about a bug. Thank you all so much!

That Which Was Written Will Be Lost

Unfortunately Early Access save files will not work correctly in the launch build. We know all you Early Access players have put a lot of time into your characters and we’ve looked into many possibilities in how to address this, but we are a small team and have not been able to find a feasible way to make old saves work well.

While you can make copies of your old save files and place them in the save directory, we don’t advise this as doing so can create potentially game breaking bugs in later areas.

The Story Is Over, But The Work Continues

No story DLC is currently planned for The Waylanders. After launch, we plan to continue work on The Waylanders, fixing bugs and addressing community feedback that we hear here in the Steam Community, on social media, and in Discord. Watch for updates after launch with fixes, tweaks, and maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe a few extra quests we’d like to add.

Music for the Ages

At launch, The Waylanders soundtrack will be made available for purchase so The Waylanders fans can have a taste of Inon Zur’s magic whenever they wish. The soundtrack will have 26 tracks totalling approximately 48 minutes long

We’ll have more details up on the soundtrack’s Steam page which will go live at launch.

Distant Digital Lands

While PC has always been our focus for The Waylanders, we’ve had a lot of requests to have The Waylanders reach other platforms. This is something we’re looking into, but for now we want to focus on ensuring our fans who have committed to the journey on PC have the best experience we can craft.

That’s all from us for now. We’ll have a little more to share before launch, but will largely be focused on polishing The Waylanders for release. Again, thank you all for being along for this journey!

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