The Waylanders First Update Now Live

Gato Studio’s time-travel RPG The Waylanders left early access earlier this month. Based on the game’s “mostly negative” Steam reviews, it wasn’t particularly well-received. As a result, we now have this update fixing a few of the game’s issues and promising a proper roadmap soon. Check it out:

Hi everyone!

So sorry this has taken so long. We’ve been head-down fixing many of the issues that have been shared with us since launch.

Today, we’re releasing the first major update to The Waylanders. This update brings some much needed fixes to some critical issues that the game including:

A bug that stopped Ynes´ Mission from finishing correctly
A critical Direct3D bug affecting configuring the game in fullscreen
Mission markers should now show correctly throughout The Waylanders
We’ve fixed level milestones
Animations in many cinematics have been improved

Again, we appreciate your patience and apologize for the delay on these fixes. We’re now working on our next update. We’re still triaging known issues and hope to have a roadmap available soon.

If you have a bug you’ve been encountering, let us know in the comments below, or tell us in detail on The Waylanders Discord in the bugs channel. We want to know more about your experiences.

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