The Way of Wrath Progress Report and New Armors

Following several months of radio silence, Animmal Studio brings us a new progress report for their upcoming strategy RPG The Way of Wrath. In short, the team is currently working on finalizing the game’s UI and art, full gamepad support, and an optional real-time combat mode. Together with that, the update also shows off some new armor models.

Here are the text bits:

Hey Everyone!

In this update, we wanted to share our progress and show off some new armors you can wear in the game.

Development is going great. We’re wrapping up core development on most new gameplay systems and now working on polishing the player experience, replacing prototype stuff with final UI and art.

A New Real-Time combat option has been implemented, and Turn-Based combat greatly improved. You’ll even be able to switch between them mid-combat and also save the game during combat.

We’re implementing full gamepad support and most common movement styles with mouse and keyboard. (Point and click, Mouse hold, AWSD)

Next, we’ll be polishing the player experience with new features and working on finishing a new prologue chapter that will be like a mini demo version of the game. It will server as both tutorial and the story will offer deeper insight into the last days of the 10-year war that precedes the main campaign story. You’ll also have unique play experience and story starting point depending on which origin you pick. We’ll share with more about opportunities to play Prologue Beta in future updates.

New Armors

In The Way of Wrath, you’ll find different armors that fit different playstyles and roleplay roles. Armors and weapons are also made from a variety of materials and this changes their stats and the difficulty of crafting.

Hunter’s armor is one of the lightest, giving great bonuses when stalking your prey through the woods or sneaking around enemy camps.

You can upgrade most armors by adding additional layers of protection to get an enhanced version of the armor. And of course, this comes with the visual upgrade!

Because you are locked from the outside world, you will be scavenging or looting all the resources you need. And most of the time you’ll be crafting your own armors. Everything you can hunt or harvest will be very useful, as, besides yourself and your party, you have a whole fort of allies to supply with equipment.

Players who like to balance speed and protection will like berserker’s armor. Which comes with unique bonuses to keep you in the battle flow.

And of course, it comes with an enhanced version.

Armors come in two parts in The Way of Wrath. Base armor and helmets. Helmets have a unique role and they can affect how charismatic or how intimidating you appear to other characters. Combined with the reputation you gain from your action, these stats can open many new ways to solve conflicts in the story and increase the power of some of your abilities.

Last but not least, for the players who want to stand toe to toe with any foe we have something special!

And yes, even this armor has a beefier, enhanced version you can craft if you are brave enough to hunt for the materials you need.

We’ll share Shaman armors and higher-tier armors in future updates.

As always if you have questions or feedback you can reach us through comments here, on our website, or our Discord Channel.

The Way of Wrath Team

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