The Top 7 Lazy Character Clichés

GamesRadar is still full of ideas for new video game-related lists, with this particular one focusing on “lazy character clichés.” Pretty much all of them apply to role-playing games somehow or another, such as the “Masked Mystery Man” that pops up from time to time:

Description: What better way to hide a generic character than under an even more generic helmet! After all, rendering an inert dome of glass, metal, plastic or futuristic space shit has got to be easier than animating a human face, what with the eyes and the mouth and the hint of a soul. Plus, a mask adds instant mystique – without the inconvenience of having to write a logical origin story. Bam… done before lunch.

Common characteristics:

– Cool reflective visor. Check out that sun flare effect!

– Breathing apparatus for badass robot voice.

– Equally – and unrealistically – constrictive suit to match the hat. Gloves, chest plates and bulky shoulder pads a must; spandex and backpack optional.

– Random bolts, pipes, tubes and glow-y bits.

– Strategically placed dents, scratches and cracks (for extra manliness).

– Horribly scarred (possibly shy) human within. Or is there???

Their fix for the problem can be found within BioShock:

We’re not talking about the Big Daddy here, though that thing’s diving helmet at least makes sense. The solution to the Masked Mystery Man is actually BioShock’s invisible protagonist. The game’s creators shrouded him in just as much secrecy and ambiguity as the schmucks above, but never had to resort to plopping a half-baked bucket over his head. Watch and learn, guys… assuming you can see out of those stupidly shaped visors you’re wearing.

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