The Top 5 Best Diablo Clones

Moving on to another list, the guys at Hellforge bring us their picks for the best Diablo clones ever released: Mythos, Divine Divinity, Dungeon Siege II, Titan Quest, and Sacred.

Titan Quest is arguably the one Diablo clone that manages to capture the visceral feel of Diablo’s combat and take it to a whole new level. **** goes flying when you hit it with a bat. The only problem with all this hilarious brutality is that there’s no blood or dismemberment, so they feel like little more than indestructible ragdolls.

On the one hand, it’s very satisfying to see a monster go flying after you swat it with a maul, but on the other hand it’s very disappointing when they don’t explode into a fine bloody mist or have body parts flying away when you throw a fireball at them. It’s simply not vicious enough.

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