The Tale of Doris & the Dragon Episode 2 Announced

Dying is not at the top of many peoples to do list. Of course, the fact you’re dead is pretty bad, but to then find out that before you’re allowed your well-deserved rest, you need to travel through Limbo, and deal with the bureaucracy that will certainly make you miss breathing air. This is where Doris finds herself in The Tale of Doris & the Dragon Episode 2.

If she is to find her missing husband, Albert then she’ll need your help to navigate the vast and confusing hallways of this Management complex. Though beware because not everything is at it seems, there is a sinister plan taking place that threatens the very existence of reality and you and Doris may be the only ones capable of thwarting it.

Following on from the success of Doris & the Dragon, The Tale of Doris & the Dragon 2 is a fully voiced pixel art styles point and click adventure that pays tribute to the classics of the genre as well as other 90s landmark games such as Another World.

 “We have been developing Doris 2 ever since ‘Episode 1’ first appeared online”, said Ben Simpson, Founder of Arrogant Pixel, in a statement. “We are so pleased to, finally, bring out this game we have worked so hard on over the past four years. We hope that our fans see the love and dedication that we put into creating this very special sequel.”

Key Features

  • Help Doris find her husband in a point & click adventure with a quirky storytelling
  • Befriend Norb, the Transitional Support Dragon, and new characters that you will meet on your journey
  • Explore a beautiful world with a unique pixel-art style
  • Listen to Doris & the Dragon soundtrack and full voice-acting
  • Enjoy an adventure three to four times bigger than the first game

Doris & the Dragon 2 will be released on Steam on February 7th for €9.99/$11.99/£9.29. For more information head over to the Doris & the Dragon Steam page or the official site.

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Jim Franklin
Jim Franklin

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