The Quest Review

While doing a little perusing of the web this morning, I happened upon this favorable review of Redshift’s The Quest on CRPG Revisited, where they’ve given the well-priced role-playing title a hearty recommendation and handed it a score of 24.5 on their normal “CRPG value” scale. Their concluding paragraph:

In the end I liked this game very much. It loads extremely quick and is very accessible to play. It just about the right size and rewards a carefully character build. Since I am always a careful person I save up many skill and attribute points until I really need to spend them which meant I had a few points left when completing the game at level 15. There were some really tough fights – particularly in the end of the game. I won´t spoil anything to mention them but my advice is to use the environment to your advantage and try to lure enemies to come to you through small passageways. Especially if you are outnumbered. It also required some thinking with different strategies in order to beat certain opponents. I had to use both wands and potions in huge amounts in order to win. Things are not getting easier than opponents that could inflict diseases on you which renders you almost helpless. Fortunately there is a full alchemy part of the game where you can find ingredients everywhere and brew your own potions by trial and error or by reading books. Very helpful to get rid of warrt or plague for example.

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