The Matrix Online Reviews

Three more websites have conjured up reviews for The Matrix Online, all of which offer a positive perspective. The first is at Gamehelper with an overall score of 8.3/10:

From the fans from the beginning to the new believers, Matrix Online will suck you into immense hours of combat, exploration, and interaction with other red pills, taking you to the edge of your seat with intense story lines and heavy combat that will cause your body in the real world to twitch and sweat. The details the developers added match the movie almost perfectly, keeping it from stretching far from what we already know and love. For diehard fans, Matrix Online is a true must have, especially if you want to find out what will really happens to the rest of mankind. As for those that aren’t too sure, you won’t regret spending a couple bucks every month to continue the epic storyline. Prepare for a new addiction because once you jack in, you wont want to leave.

The second is at Killer Betties with an overall score of 4/5:

Warner Brothers, Monolith and Sega have really put out a product fitting to call itself the Matrix Online. The continuing story of the Matrix has not disappointed. Interesting, fast-paced combat, a deep mission system and a beautiful world to explore easily outweigh the few bugs the launch has seen. If you liked the movies even a little bit and always wondered what it would be like to live in the Matrix yourself, you should check this game out.

And the third is at GameHeckler with an overall score of 7/10:

Whilst I am sure that the rabid fanboy community will tear their PVC trenchcoats in fury, MO is a subtle game that demands time and does not give forth its secrets easily. Potential pitfalls have been avoided by setting the game after the films, but the hindrances to a fluid experience will soon draw the mind from the minutiae of the narrative. The game does little to introduce the n00b and novice gamer; the tutorial is cursory at best and, after that, you are set forth to the deep end of the Matrix. The comprehensive character customisation is both salvation and curse, and may bewilder the casual player. MO is perhaps not ‘˜the one’ of online RPGs, especially for gamers with an average system, but despite the sometimes sluggish nature of the game, MO never compromises the immersion and depth of the Matrix, and suspending disbelief becomes second nature. MO may not be, to quote the Merovingian, like ‘˜wiping your arse with silk’, but MO deserves to be bigger that Morpheus’ waistline, especially if the flaws are swiftly revised.

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