The Matrix Online Preview

MMOG Info has published a four-page preview of The Matrix Online, based upon time they’ve spent in the game’s ongoing beta. Check it out:

Entering in the combat system as we have said goes in turns, we can choose to fight hand-to-hand or use a ranged weapon(like a pistol, a sub-machine gun or rifle). In the hand-to-hand we have 4 types of normal attacks: fast, strong, key and dodge, aside we have the movement to flee. Let us choose what we choose, at the time of striking will face skill that we have in the selected attack with the one of the attack that has chosen our opponent, the one that has the highest number will be the one than it wins. Thus, if we choose fast blow and our rival chooses strong blow and has more skill than us, we will try to strike to him but it will avoid us and then he will give a good blow to us. Moreover of these basic attacks, we will be able to use special blows that we’ll be able to learn as we are knowing more about Matrix, and they will allow us to mount demolishing attacks. Also it’s necessary to say that at any moment of the combat we will be able to arrange the hand-to-hand with the use of ranged weapons, since to decide on a style or another one it’s not excluding.

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