The Matrix Online Preview

Boomtown is the latest website to dish up a preview of The Matrix Online, based upon some firsthand time they’ve spent with the sci-fi MMORPG. A snippet to follow:

The mission system is fairly good, you choose your side then start making calls from your mobile to the relevant operator. At this point the operator feeds you your missions, you would choose one side and will see a story line develop and see some funky cinematics. Later on in the game it becomes quite hard to back track to another side as you then have to prove yourself all over again to the faction that all along you have been against.

You are able to carry out missions alone or with friends and each map is unique to the player. A reticle guides you to a door of a building and carries on guiding you to the target area. Fairly simple stuff but there’s a small feeling of anxiety due to your expectations of what you’re going to run into as you step out the lift.

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