The Matrix Online Interview

GameSpy has conducted an interview with Toby Ragaini, lead designer of the Matrix Online, Monolith’s upcoming MMORPG based on the popular movies. An excerpt to follow:

Q: How often will the game be updated with new story elements, what kinds of mega-stories are you working on.and how can one character of a group of players impact the course of the story?

A: The Wachowski Brothers have created an entire new storyline for The Matrix Online, which will come out in regular episodic updates. There will be several ways that players can participate in the story, and we are working to insure that all players can contribute, regardless of their character’s capability. And yes, at the highest level of the story arcs, individual players will dramatically impact the resolution of the events. The specifics of the story arcs are of course closely guarded. I can say, however, that the major characters from the films appear in game’s story. In effect, MxO is the fourth installment in The Matrix ongoing saga.

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