The Matrix Online Impressions

RPG Vault has published their impressions of Monolith’s The Matrix Online, now that the sci-fi MMORPG has hit store shelves. Check it out:

Combat has two sub-types. Free-Fire, which allows you to move around, is utilized for the majority of ranged attacks including gunfire and hacking. Close combat is also called interlock. It involves at least on combatant going hand to hand; the other can be using firearms. This mode involves round-like units called exchanges, each lasting a few seconds. You can choose among four attacks – power, speed, grab and block – via a tactical console that appears once you’re engaged, or any special attacks you have loaded. A fun visual aspect that occurs upon occasion is Bullet Time. Whenever the game decides this will happen, it produces a slow motion sequence in which your hits are much more powerful than usual.

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