The Matrix Online End of Beta Screenshots

A whole slew of screenshots from the final events in The Matrix Online beta test have been posted on the game’s official website. Here’s a look at what took place:

Tuesday was an amazing day in The Matrix Online Beta. The Beta Test came to a stunning conclusion as a war broke out between The Machines and the people of Zion. The Exiles, lead by The Merovingian, picked up and left the Matrix in order to wait for the resolution of the battle. The Matrix Online showed for the first time the power of the story major characters made live appearances all through the day. Morpheus, Niobe, Seraph, and the Merovingian gave speeches to players, and in several cases fought side by side with them. Niobe and Seraph fought many battles against Agents with several groups of players all over city.

Finally, the Machines succeeded in rebooting the Matrix after crumpling all players like aluminum cans in a final blow to Zion.

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