The Map Editor (Arcade) Will Not Be in Far Cry 6

Yes, dear Far Cry community mapmakers and players: developers do not plan on including Arcade mode in Far Cry 6.

The official confirmation of these unfortunate news out in the recent Reddit AMA, in a statement by Alexandre Letendre (the Game Director):

No, Arcade will not come back. Removing this mode from our plan was a difficult decision, but allowed us to focus our efforts on the main campaign, transporting players into the heart of a modern-day guerrilla revolution.

– Alex

First warning signs came with the map editor being absent in the Far Cry 3 Classic Edition and the Far Cry New Dawn. However, fans continued holding out hope since the map editor has been a major part of the community since Far Cry 2: every major installment of Far Cry had some manifestation of the editor included, whether its focus was multiplayer, co-op, solo, or all of the above.

far cry 6 no map editor recent warning signs

Unfortunately, developers had to announce the decision to take away this aspect of the community. As a response, many fans of the franchise expressed disappointment or even shared their “no arcade = no purchase” stance.

While Far Cry in-game map editors weren’t as big as some that exist on the market, for a significant number of the older players they were central to each game’s replayability and a way to participate in the community. Many players spent hours browsing through the long list and hunting for fun creations. Some do not see a way to enjoy the game past the campaign mode without this feature, refusing to pay the premium price for the title.

far cry 6 no map editor community reaction and protest

While developers have cited their focus on Far Cry 6‘s main campaign as the reason, it doesn’t quite feel like it’s the only one behind this decision.

far cry 6 no map editor far cry 5 arcade
Think it’s hard to edit the map using arcade joysticks?

Players have speculated that while servers cost developers money to maintain, the editor doesn’t bring in as much money (we have mentioned the issue of the editor’s popularity above) — because of that we might see the Arcade mode come back stuffed with micro-transactions associated with unlocking its full features.

It’s hard to tell for certain, and because of that it’s hard to tell whether the Arcade has a chance for being introduced into the game down the line in one form or another.

With how much potential custom community content has for Far Cry 6, it would truly be a shame to see developers not take advantage of it in one way or another.

Do you agree with our assessment? We would like to hear both from players who have spent countless hours in the Far Cry map editor and those who have rarely used it throughout the years. What is your take on this decision? Let us know in the comments below!

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