The Lord of the Rings Online Update 19 Released

In case you’re still playing The Lords of the Rings Online, you’ll be interested to know that update 19 for the title has gone live. The update includes a new quest pack that sees players march together with Aragorn (no introduction needed, really) to the North, a flora barter system, premium housing, and new store items. A little more from the official website:

Now Available

March north! Escort Aragorn and the Host of the West into North Ithilien beneath the ever-watchful Eye of Sauron. Seek out the hidden Ranger encampment of Henneth Annûn as you and your allies prepare for the coming battle. Experience exciting adventures in dangerous new locations as you march toward the Black Land of Mordor, where the shadows lie.

Take the fight North!

Unlock 90+ Quests & Deeds while you explore adventure North toward the Land of Mordor.

Update 19: March of the King can be unlocked in the store with the offer
Quest Pack: March of the King, which is free to VIPs.

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