The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria Interview

IGN’s LotRO Vault has posted the results of a Mines of Moria-related interview they conducted with Turbine’s Jeffrey Steefel during this year’s Penny Arcade Expo. On the two new classes:

The Runekeeper

The Runekeeper, As we all know, there have been debates about this character since the release of some of the information, but Turbine believes that this class will fit in well with the rest of the classes that LOTRO has to offer. The Lore-Master was Turbines first steps towards the traditional RPG magic caster. They had to be very careful to make sure that they left the feel of the world and the feel of the Lore intact. Players must remember that, the Runekeeper is not a wizard, it is not a Gandalf, nor is it a White Wizard. The Runekeeper will have the ability to use the Runic Language and the understanding of the Lore to draw certain powers and energies from Middle Earth.

The class itself will have very focused skills. Either complete Healing or complete DPS. The mechanics for the Runekeeper is brand new. There will be a new UI along with this class, an ‘Attunement Meter’. The player, depending on the circumstances, will be able to attune themselves and their capabilities either all the way to the left for DPS, or all the way to the right for healing. This character will not be able to do both. The player will have to balance them against each other. You can not have someone that is a great nuker and a great healer at the same time. But, during action or combat, the player will be able to make adjustments to their meter to help with what is needed at that time. Your character will start out with certain skills that can be used while your meter is sitting in the neutral position. As you start using your skills, either DPS or healing, your meter will adjust to the side you use most. As long as you keep that side up, the player will be able to unlock more powerful skills.

The Warden

The Warden, fashioned after Haldir, is basically a guardian type, a medium tank if you will. This character will have ranged capabilities along with melee options in a lighter armor than the Guardian that we have now. A new combat system will be introduced also with this character, the ‘Gambit System’. It is a completely new UI for the players to play with. With this, a player will be able to create a combination of attacks that when all are used, trigger a much bigger attack that can be used once and only once. Once that attack is used, you will then have to load your UI again and start over towards getting that big attack. It is a basic Combo skill. The Warden will also be given a new weapon type, the Spear. With this, you will be able to use it in melee range along with being able to throw your spear at oncoming enemies. No race specific info was released.

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