The Golden Oni Pony

How do you pronounce Oni? Is it on-ee or is it own-ee? The good thing is when writing it, unless you want to rhyme, it doesn’t matter =).

First, the PC version of this 3rd-person action game has reportedly gone gold! And second, to read about how this game from Bungie plays (through the first 7 chapters), saunter over to Raily Dadar’s album of thoughts. Here’s a fragment:

Most combat, though, happens hand to hand. Using the directional keys and the mouse buttons, the player controls not only the character’s movement but also her attacks. Simple button mashing will only go so far; the best moves are combinations. These are simpler than the stuff found on console platform games but still involve a good deal of skill, mostly in the timing of the moves. It’s a learning curve, but the complex moves are well worth the effort. That’s actually half the fun of the game, getting good at the complex moves, then watching Konoko pull off these amazing fights. The graphics engine is truly impressive; no one else has done this level of animation on the PC for hand-to-hand combat.

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