The Fall – Last Days of Gaia Diary #2

RPGVault continues their designer diaries for Silver Style’s upcoming post-apocalyptic RPG, The Fall – Last Days of Gaia, with the second installment revealing some insight to the game mechanics in the post-apocalyptic RPG. Check it out:

A very special Auto-Pause function could be appealing to fans of straight turn-based games is simulated turn-based (STB). This pauses the game after every action a character or creature involved in the fight made (e.g. attacking or healing someone) or after two seconds in case he/she/it is only moving.

I already mentioned vehicles while I was talking about skills. Not only does it take less time to get from one location to another when you have a car, it’s also easier to escape from dangerous situations. And easier to wreak havoc if it has a mounted gun. Also, be sure that your enemies are likely to reconsider their plans if you show up with a tank. 🙂

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