The Elves of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning #3

For the third time we round up Massively’s run-through of Elf classes in Warhammer Online. This time, their highlights feature Meet the Shadow Warrior levels 1-5, Disciple of Khaine levels 6-10, Sorceress levels 6-10, White Lion levels 6-10, Witch Elf levels 11-15 and Disciple of Khaine levels 11-15.

Levels 11 through 15 for the Disciple of Khaine –much like the other classes — give you your three first Career Tactics. These passive abilities allow you to slightly alter the way your class functions in combat. However, at this level you’re only allowed to slot one Career Tactic at a time. One of these first Tactics increases your survivability by improving the effect heals have on you by 10% — it’s shared between the other Dark Elf classes, too. However, the other two Tactics are aimed at increasing your damage output in two very different ways. Divine Fury boosts your overall damage by 25% at the cost of reducing your healing effectiveness by 20% and Khaine’s Blessing bumps up your auto-attack speed by 50% every time you land a critical hit.

Your rank 2 Morale is much more interesting, though. It hits every enemy around you for 80dmg and then heals your entire group for the total amount of damage dealt. Having no range, you only need to make sure you’ve got a nice bulk of targets in the near vicinity. Combined with the Divine Fury tactic, you can actually heal a bit more than normal with this particular attack, too.

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