The Elves of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning #2

Massively is continuing its exclusive Elf-highlighting preview series for Warhammer Online. The newest batch contains Level 1-5 quests for High Elves, Meet the Archmage, levels 1-5, Meet the White Lion, levels 1-5, Dark Elf Chapter I Public Quest, Spires of Narthain, Meet the Swordmaster levels 1-5 and Witch Elf levels 6-10.

It’s important to note that Action Points (AP) are essentially a character’s mana pool or whatever class equivalent you’d see in any typical MMO.

* Level 6 – Heart Bender Toxin
40 AP 5ft range
Instant cast, no cooldown
Requires BL, costs 20% fewer AP per BL
You quickly strike your target two times, dealing damage and inflicting an Ailment on them for 10 seconds which reduces their Wounds.
1 BL: 20dmg per hit, Wounds reduced by 5
2 BL: 27dmg per hit, Wounds reduced by 6
3 BL: 34dmg per hit, Wounds reduced by 8
4 BL: 41dmg per hit, Wounds reduced by 10
5 BL: 47dmg per hit, Wounds reduced by 11
* Level 7 – Feinted Positioning
25 AP 65ft range
Instant cast, 60s cooldown
Your positional attacks can be used without the positional requirement for 10 seconds. Does not affect morale abilities.
* Level 8 – Sever Nerve
Rank 1 Morale 5ft range
Instant cast, 60s cooldown
A directed strike that inflicts 264dmg to your target.
* Level 8 – Enchanting Beauty
20 AP No range
Instant cast, 30s cooldown
Your unearthly Elven beauty Detaunts all enemies within 30 feet, making them hate you less and causing them to deal 50% less damage to you for 15s. If you attack anyone that you have Detaunted, the effect will immediately end.
* Level 9 – Kiss of Death
20 AP 5ft range
Instant cast, 10s cooldown
Builds 1 BL
You stab into your target for 33dmg, and their blood sticks to your corrupted blades. For the next two minutes, all of your attacks have a 25% chance to deal an additional 75dmg over 9s, and cause the victim to lose 30 AP over 9s. You may only use a single Kiss at a time.
* Level 10 – Shadow Prowler
No cost No range
2s cast, 60s cooldown
You prowl through the shadows, making it less likely that hostile monsters will notice you but slowly draining away your AP. This effect will end if you use any abilities or run out of AP.

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