The Elves of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning #1

Massively has done a series of write-ups highlighting the elf classes in Warhammer Online, namely the Witch Elf, the Disciple of Khaine and the Sorceress.

Do dark magical forces beckon you? It could be that the Dark Elf Sorceress — Sorcerer for males — is just the class for you in Warhammer Online, so long as you don’t mind being an Elf. The Sorceress is — for all intents and purposes — your atypical mage-type class. Don’t take that statement at face value, though. There is a nice twist to the class that helps keep things interesting while you nuke the snot out of everything in sight. The difference between, say, a Sorceress and an Archmage is the disdain for any adherence to the balancing act with magical energies. Where a High Elf crafts her magic with a careful touch, a Sorceress steals as much as she can and flings all of it at her enemies at once. This doesn’t come without a risk, of course.

This is where the Dark Magic (DM) mechanic comes into play. The more you use magic spells that build Dark Magic, the bigger your risk of backfire grows. However, you also gain a higher chance to get criticals. Of course, once you get a backfire your built up DM empties out. If you’re at full health, the idea of a backlash may not sound too dangerous. However, in the heat of RvR or during a nasty Public Quest, you may find yourself facing a choice between winning a battle and succumbing to death.

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