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Earlier this month, we got a chance to learn the basics of Tales of Tribute, The Elder Scrolls Online’s new card game that’s scheduled to go live alongside the upcoming High Isle expansion. The game’s deck-building elements will apparently revolve around acquiring and selecting these-so called “patron decks,” so now this article here tells us a bit about the game’s four starting patrons.

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Get an inside look at the Tales of Tribute card game’s starting four patrons and learn how to master them on the tabletop.

When playing Tales of Tribute, the competitive card game arriving with High Isle Chapter, you’ll need to master the four starting patrons. This includes acquiring the cards their decks add to the Tavern and making the most out of their unique abilities. Learn more about the patrons, their backgrounds, and what makes them so powerful below!


My quest for information led me to a pocket realm known only as the Crow’s Wood. Its most notable inhabitants are a murder of intelligent, talking birds who consider the place to be their personal kingdom. The Duke of Crows, the proudest of the flock, presides over the rest. As he tells it, he’s “the smartest and biggest and loudest” crow in the murder.

The rest of the flock clusters and conspires around the Duke, plotting and politicking for status and favor. Woe betide any who get between these ravens and their “shinies.”

—Ulysa Rervam, Proctor of Daedric Studies

The Duke of Crow’s cards focus on creating combos that let you draw more cards,” explains Irenio Calmon-Huang, one of the Senior Systems Designers behind Tales. “It benefits from going heavily into the suit, perhaps more than any other deck. If you can reach the tipping point you may find yourself drawing most of your deck in a single turn.”

When activating the Duke of Crows’ Patron ability, you can gain a large amount of power quickly, but at a cost.

“The Duke of Crows, like his many subjects, adores shinies. He offers you power in exchange for Coin, while skimming a bit off the top. Unlike many other patrons, while he favors you, he will not offer you anything else. So, it is wise to save your use of the Duke for when you can really cash in your Coin for power or a patron victory.”


After the Four-Score War, Northeastern Tamriel was a corpse bloating in the sun. Enter the Great Houses. Out at the front, swooping in to feast on the carcass, was House Hlaalu. Their leader was old man Delmene Hlaalu, who wrested power from the last house elder in a “bloodless” coup that still saw half a dozen fetchers thrown to the guar.

—Naryu Virian

“Like most of House Hlaalu, this grandmaster merchant’s deck is centered around acquiring goods,” explains Irenio. “Generating lots of Coin or directly laying claim to cards from the Tavern are this deck’s strengths.”

If you wish to activate the Grandmaster’s Patron ability, the bigger the sacrifice, the bigger the rewards.

“Playing into the ability to generate lots of wealth and thus afford really expensive cards, Delmene Hlaalu allows you to trade cards gained from the Tavern for Prestige. This can be a direct strategy to victory if you’re buying and gaining lots of cards early on, or it can be used to help you cross the line at the very end.”


You’ve heard the tale as my mother tells it, no doubt. Saint Pelin, giving his life in faith to defeat the massing Gray Host. Stendarr filling him with an “ocean of blood,” so the bat-men could drink him dry again and again and again.

I ride in the Saint’s name not because of children’s tales, but because what faith, sword, and shield can do in the here and now. We hold the pass. We protect the weak. All in hopes we can be as brave as a humble chapel attendant like Pelin.

—Dame Aurenn Rodeau, the Order of Saint Pelin

“Saint Pelin’s cards excel at two things: generating Power and getting agents with taunt onto the field,” says Irenio. “Several of Saint Pelin’s agents are also excellent power generators themselves, helping push through your opponent’s agents and then propelling you to a Prestige victory.”

If you need to put bodies between you and your opponent, Saint Pelin has reinforcements ready.

“Saint Pelin himself can restore agents from your cooldown to the top of your draw pile, getting them quickly back onto the field. One of the most opportune moments to call upon this patron power is also when you first lay claim to an agent from the Tavern, sending them to the top of your deck so you’ll draw them immediately!”


The Psijic Order is a circle of Mages who reside on the mystic isle of Artaeum. But who is Loremaster Celarus, really? A wise scholar and thoughtful if remote sage who seeks balance in all things.

Apprentices report, when asked, that they’re more accustomed to seeing Celarus as a sort of one-Mer containment squad, seeking to bind any item or force that might disrupt the Aurbic forces of Tamriel. I have it on good authority that the Loremaster is willing do whatever it takes to protect the isle and the people of Nirn.

—The Arch-Mage Salarth

“Loremaster Celarus’s cards let you sift through the top of your draw pile and can grant you control over what is available from the Tavern,” explains Irenio. “This can speed up your deck, getting you to your more potent cards faster while also helping you find cards and denying your opponent the cards they wanted.”

Celarus’s ability can help you control your opponents’ side of the board as much as your own.

“While the Psijic Order is largely centered around defense, the ability to knock unconscious an enemy can be incredibly useful. When Celarus is available, he’ll help deal with any pesky agents no matter how powerful they may be. He is particularly potent against contract agents, ensuring that they seldom survive more than one round against you.”

That’s it! Don’t forget, you can unlock four additional patrons in the High Isle Chapter by playing through the zone’s content and unlocking Achievements. Of the four starting patrons, which two will you most likely pick for your games of Tales of Tribute? Let us know via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

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