The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle Live on Consoles

The High Isle chapter of The Elder Scrolls Online launched on PC earlier this month. And now, this latest expansion is also available on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Featuring a bunch of fresh story content and a new deckbuilding card game, High Isle slots neatly into the MMORPG’s year-long Legacy of the Bretons adventure.

Here’s a quick gameplay trailer:

Venture into the Systres Archipelago and defend the Legacy of the Bretons in The Elder Scroll Online: High Isle. The chaos of war has made its way to the home of the Breton elite as a sinister organization rises from amidst the chaos. Now more than ever, the Bretons of High Isle need heroes. Explore a stunning world never-before-seen in the Elder Scrolls series, unravel a dread conspiracy at the heart of the Breton nobility, and play a hand of an all-new deckbuilding card game in ESO’s latest Chapter.

The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is now live on PC/Mac, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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