The Dwarves Interview

The folks at WCCFTech have published a short interview with the developers at KING Art Games to get the scoop on The Dwarves, a crowd-funded action-RPG that is releasing next week, on December 1st. If you want to know about the game’s length, the possibilities of a sequel, its general feature set and atmosphere, and its console versions, this is a good piece to read.

Here’s an excerpt:

What was the biggest hurdle you encountered during development of The Dwarves and how did you overcome it?

We started “The Dwarves” with a movie scene in our head, which fits the descriptions of the books perfectly: “Battle of Helm’s Deep” from The Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers. A couple of mighty heroes fight against hordes of enemies. The difficulty was to develop a gameplay, which matches the overwhelming visuals of hundreds of enemies on one screen with a strategic approach. Many nights of playing and testing later we came up with the “Pause and Play” combat which still feels like an action RPG but helps you to keep you in control of the battle.

How long will it take to complete The Dwarves on average, according to your estimate?

Around 15 hours on medium difficulty on the first playthrough. But we got many optional quests and there are different ways to get to the end. It really depends on how you play it.

Thanks, RPGWatch.

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