The Banner Saga 3 Update #15, $317,686 and Counting

The latest, 15th, Kickstarter update for Stoic’s The Banner Saga 3 offers a nice deal for Twitch Prime and Amazon Prime users: during the February 23-28 and March 2-7 weeks, they’re offering The Banner Saga and The Banner Saga 2 for free, respectively. Here are the details:

From February 23-28, everyone who has Twitch Prime can get Banner Saga 1 free! Then next week, from March 2 – 7, all Twitch Prime subscribers can receive Banner Saga 2 free! (Oh, and if you have Amazon Prime, you totally also have Twitch Prime automatically)

We need your help! Twitch wants to help Banner Saga 3 be awesome too, so for every player who downloads and plays each game during their featured week, Twitch will give us $1.00 toward development! Even if you already own both games you can download them again for FREE or introduce your friends to the series, and everyone who downloads and plays will be helping us fund development of Banner Saga 3! If you have questions, we’ve put some more info in our FAQ

Don’t forget that you need to actually launch the game (not just download it) for us to get the contributions from Twitch – so please launch it!

Additionally, there’s been a live Kickstarter Q&A with the developers and its recording is now available. Both the video quality and the video player leave much to be desired, but it is what it is.

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