The Banner Saga 3 Kickstarter Campaign Funded

For those of you invested in the conclusion of The Banner Saga trilogy, here’s a piece of good news: the third and final installment of the series has been successfully funded on Kickstarter. The initial $200,000 were gathered in less than a week and now it’s time for stretch goals. The first one has been unveiled already: at $250,000 players will be able to recruit Dredge heroes into their party.

Apart from this, campaign’s updates were mostly progress reports. Update #2, however, provides extensive background information about one of the major players in the Saga: The Ravens mercenary company. Spoilers for The Banner Saga 2 are abound there, so enter at your own risk.

And here’s an excerpt from Update #4 that celebrates reaching the initial goal:

DUNDR’S BEARD! Thanks to you, we reached our funding goal for the development of Banner Saga 3 in less than a week! This game really is the type of project that simply could not get made without the backing of the best community a small team could ever ask for. Your support, and your help spreading the word, have put us well on our way to finishing this epic Saga.

This is just the beginning, though! This is when the fun starts and from here on out it’s cherries on top for everyone! We have lots of great stuff planned that we simply didn’t think we’d get a chance to put in the game. Let’s do it together, shall we?

You’ve been calling out for this a long time, and it hasn’t fallen on deaf ears; We are pleased to announce our very first Stretch Goal: Playable dredge!

Take command of dredge heroes, order them in battle, and train them up through their ranks. Unlock new abilities and discover new strategies when you place these dredge heroes on the battlefield alongside your human, varl, and horseborn allies.

We would love to bring these 3 dredge heroes to life with new stories, abilities, full portraits, and combat animations. Help us reach our Stretch Goal of $250k and make the long awaited Playable dredge a reality!

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