The Age of Decadence May 2018 Update

The May 2018 update for Iron Tower Studio’s RPG The Age of Decadence, apart from fixing a couple of recently discovered issues, integrates a sizable mod created by one Sunfire into the core game. The mod is quite an extensive one; it fixes plenty of minor and easy to miss issues and even deals with some localization hiccups. Here’s a bit more on that:

We constantly update the build sitting on the public test branch and every now and then move it to the default branch, so it’s business as usual.

This time around we fixed two recently reported issues: high level poison was applied incorrectly to arrows and Gaelius’ troops accompanying him to the temple were too weak and didn’t stand a chance against the Imperial Guards holding the Dead River pass.

While we were at it, we decided to integrate Sunfire’s (who’s a giant among men) most excellent and comprehensive mod into the core gameplay files. The changelog is too long to include here, so here is a summary of fixes and improvements:

  • Death screens and endings
  • Quest and combat rewards (sp, cs, reputation)
  • Minor consistency issues (when Faelan is killed or Ganezzar is taken)
  • Map visuals, interaction, and passability
  • Added proper banners and soldiers when House Aurelian or the Imperial Guards take Ganezzar.
  • Typos and minor dialogue issues
  • Russian and Spanish localization issues

While it’s not a major update, there’s always a chance of new issues popping up when you change something. If you see any, let us know and we’ll fix it asap.

And if you’re interested in the general patch notes for all the latest updates, you can find them on the studio’s forums.

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