The 20 Best Games at the Tokyo Game Show

Edge Online has counted down their twenty favorite games that were on display at this year’s Tokyo Game Show. Notable mentions include Chrono Trigger DS and The Last Remnant:

Chrono Trigger is probably the best Japanese RPG ever made; Squaresoft poured so much money, talent, and attention to detail into the game that analysts must have later warned them to never do that again, to instead ready one good feature per game for maximum profit, rather than make a game where everything is great and everyone is satisfied. Now, in the face of Level-5 becoming the new Square-Enix, spinning out new franchises and taking big risks, Square-Enix has seen fit to pause for a break in their remaking of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games and instead remake Chrono Trigger. Reportedly, the remake will be quite minimalistic, which is good enough for the fans. Truth be told, the game wasn’t even playable at TGS, or even shown in video form. However, the Square-Enix booth did feature a gallery of all the original watercolor paintings produced by artist Akira Toriyama as concepts for the game. As one of the more unabashed Chrono Trigger fans in existence, it was something of a religious experience to see the art up-close, and with a sigh, I decided, sure, I’ll pay 5,000 yen to play it again.

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