Temple of Elemental Evil Review

Game Chronicles Magazine has tossed up a http://www.gamechronicles.com/reviews/pc/toee/toee.htm“>review of Temple of Elemental Evil, giving the game an overall score of 7.2/10. An excerpt from their conclusion:

The Temple of Elemental Evil marks the first game using the AD&D 3.5 rules and it pulls this off effortlessly. There was some substantial risk in attempting to convert one of the most popular AD&D modules into electronic form and again, Troika succeeded for the most part.

There are some issues with bugs, some of which have already been addressed in a patch, and the gorgeous visuals can bog down on even some high-end rigs. The music is better if your turn it off and the tinny sound effects are a bit disappointing, but at its heart there is a fun and substantial gameplay experience to be had if you have the perseverance to tough it out.

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