Temple of Elemental Evil Review

Evil Avatar has posted a review of Temple of Elemental Evil, giving the RPG an overall score of 2.5 stars. Their final paragraph:

Despite the buggy quests, I am enjoying playing the game. Sometimes I do scratch my head in wonderment but the spell effects in combat have been fun. If you have not bought the game, then I would not recommend it until the patch comes out next week. I am not sure what the patch covers except a rumor on the forums that Troika took the user created patch and added to it. The forums also suspect that this will be the only patch for the game. If this is true than a game that does not have support from the developers or publishers after released is not a good sign of things to come. Temple of Elemental Evil is a good game it can be great for the D&D computer world, and is hopefully a sign of more D&D games to come that give the player that they are playing with a Dungeon Master (though hopefully without the bugs).

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