Temple of Elemental Evil Review

The guys at PC IGN have posted their review of Temple of Elemental Evil, giving the RPG an overall score of 7.5/10. Check it out:

Unfortunately, the walls in the isometric perspective often hide the beauty of the creatures (yes, even ogres are beautiful), and the loot of your fallen foes. I wish the walls would fade away as you mouse over them if there’s something that you can interact with on the other side, but since they’re pre-rendered backgrounds, the walls often obscure your view, making it difficult to select beasties in combat or loot them afterward. After starting out in 1024×758 resolution, I actually found it best to play at 800×600 so I could see the backgrounds up close and spot fallen enemies easier. And although the “Tab” key is supposed to highlight things you can interact with on the background, it doesn’t always work and you often have to use the old adventure-game standard of scanning your cursor across everything on the screen to see what you can fiddle with or use.

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