Temple of Elemental Evil Preview

ActionTrip has posted a preview of Troika’s Temple of Elemental Evil, most likely based upon a press copy that’s been floating around as of late. Check it out:

As Troika Games showed in the past, they are quite capable of crafting a game that’s agreeable to both CRPG fans and hardcore D&D role-players. In general, The Temple of Elemental Evil is a title all gamers should look forward to. This is Troika’s first party-based game, but given their repute, it’s safe to say they are up to the challenge.

On a further note, this game may not be the only project in the pipeline for Troika Games. Recent reports have indicated that if all goes well with The Temple of Elemental Evil, Troika may begin work on a remake of another Dungeons & Dragons classic – Against the Giants. Still, we’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out more about that one. For the time being we turn our eyes to TToEE, which is due out this October.

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