Temple of Elemental Evil Interview

UGO has conducted an an interview with Troika’s Tim Cain, quizzing the lead designer of the upcoming Temple of Elemental Evil about many aspects of the game. Here’s a taste:

Q: Could you describe how open-ended Temple of Elemental Evil’s gameplay is with an example from the game?

A: Sure, here’s a typical example. There is a big hulking creature guarding the entrance to a dungeon level you need to enter. Now let’s count the number of ways past this guy.

1. You can attack him. Simple, straight forward, and likely to get some of your party clobbered.

2. You can try to sneak past him, using your Hide and Move Silently skills. Assuming, of course, that everyone in the party has purchased those skills.

3. You can try to disguise your party as the people who are allowed downstairs, and maybe he will fall for it. Maybe he won’t. Remember to act casual. How many points did you put into your Bluff skill again? Or maybe Diplomacy and a little gold? Intimidate works too, but you will need a VERY high skill to intimidate this guy.

4. There is a secret door that leads to a tunnel down to the level you want, but it’s hard to find (you’ll need a high Search skill), and the tunnel passes through an old crypt. You do have a cleric, right?

5. But wait, there is an entirely separate entrance to the dungeon, if you can find it. It’s not even on the same floor as this brute. And it may have its own guards, who may easier or harder than this one.

Temple of Elemental Evil is filled with opportunities like this. If you ever get stuck, look around. There’s probably another way to proceed.

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