Temple of Elemental Evil Interview

RPGDot has conducted an interview with Troika’s Tim Cain, in which they ask questions about why the ToEE module was chosen, what improvements to turn-based combat they have made, how the party system works, and more. Take a look:

Q: What are the main differences and the main similarities between Greyhawk and your other projects, say Arcanum or Fallout?

A: All of my RPG games to date have shared certain characteristics. They have all been isometric, turn-based games. They have all had rich and varying dialogs, nonlinear plotlines, and multiple solutions to quests.

However, besides the obvious difference that Greyhawk uses the D&D 3.5 rules, it also is my first party-based game. You create and control a whole party of characters, instead of making a single hero, which leads to a lot of choices to make during creation time and during play. It is also my first game with multiple starting points, in addition to multiple endings.

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